• We offer specialized programming for children 3-7 years old.

    Walnut Lake Preschool and Developmental Kindergarten has an individualized curriculum for each student with small class sizes (no more than 7 students per class).

    Encourages exploration and creativity

    Each child is different in how they express themselves, here at Walnut Lake Preschool, we take ths type of specialized approach to figure out each child's individual path for learning.

    Committed to the development of your child

    Child Development Specialists and Family Consultants are part of our multi-disciplinary approach to the individualized support of our students. Free parenting monthly workshops and support for transition to the next school are a part of our program.

    New Cozy Dome for our Playground!

    A big thank you to our supporters for helping to purchase this wonderful new Cozy Dome and to Mike Fellows for installing it. Our children love to explore, play and imagine in our wonderful new addition!

  • WE UNDERSTAND. WE CAN HELP! Most often, a child's difficulties are the result of a complex combination of emotional, behavioral, and developmental challenges. With early intervention and our multidisciplinary approach, we provide the promise of learning how to recognize, express, and master feelings. Children are respected as individuals and develop a sense of their own competence as they interact with the world. They become more loving and compassionate with themselves and others.

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  • Developmental Kindergarten

    Developmental Kindergarten

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    Summer Session

  • WLP is

    • A specialized, early intervention center that nurtures the individual child and family.
    • Unique to the Detroit area. It is a preschool and developmental kindergarten with individualized curriculum for children ages 3-7 who need more than a regular early childhood program.
    • A place where nurturing and creative small classrooms provide continuity of each child’s educational/developmental plan until the child is ready to return to a regular school or classroom setting.
    • Organized so that each child’s emotional, physical, and developmental challenges are addressed by our cohesive and effective team of Masters-level teachers and senior therapists who are child development experts.
    • Collaboration with the school's professional team who work together with parents to provide a comprehensive understanding of the child's development.
  • We help the child that is more. Specifically, more spirited, more energetic students who have not succeeded in a traditional daycare, preschool or kindergarten setting. Our team of specialists help each student learn to communicate their feelings, thoughts and actions in a safe, nurturing environment. When a child is having difficulties, the family has difficulties. Our goal is to help both the student and their family so that they can return back to his/her traditional school. It isn't a problem to have a problem. It is only a problem to not have a solution to the problem. We can help with the solution. We have an amazing group of diversified specialists who work together with each child and family in our program.

    Shelley Wright - Managing Director

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  • Testimonials

  • This has been an incredible experience for both of us. I didn’t know where to turn. We looked all over and hadn’t been able to find someone to give us this help. We are so lucky to have a facility like this right here. Not just one person but an entire group of people have been able to help us.

    A parent

  • I am honored and privileged to be on the Advisory Board at Walnut Lake Preschool. The dedicated teachers, administrators, and volunteers are an exceptional group of caring and knowledgeable people. Being in the field of education for 25 years at The Roeper School has afforded me the opportunity to understand excellence in school environments. Walnut Lake Preschool provides a rare opportunity and an outstanding personalized program for children with special needs. To witness the engagement between adults and students here at WLP is a special experience and it warms my heart to see the care that is given to these young children.

    Sharon Kennedy Pink
    Former Lower School Admissions Counselor
    The Roeper School

  • The teachers and staff at WLP promote the development of each child to provide an optimal learning environment. I was impressed the minute I walked into the classroom. The teachers and staff are experts on conflict resolution and provide a safe and nurturing environment allowing the children to express their feelings and emotions.

    Tracy Naftaly, OTR Pediatric Occupational Therapist