• Developmental Kindergarten / Early Fives
  • Woven through the entire curriculum is a focus on social and emotional growth and the building of healthy relationships.  This helps to form the foundation for the learning and growth we see in all other areas.

    Our specialized developmental kindergarten program offers a small classroom experience for children who are ready for education beyond preschool, but may not yet be prepared to have a positive experience in a general kindergarten classroom.  Activities are provided that meet each individual child's needs and stimulate learning in all developmental areas.  Our educators and mental health professionals create the comprehensive program that addresses the challenges facing children such as developmental delays, excessive shyness, making friends and difficulty with transitions and routines.  Parent partnerships are formed through daily dialogue with the teachers and weekly opportunities to meet with the family consultant.


  • Few Program Facts
    2 teachers: 3-7 children 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday though Friday
    Teaching to varied and multiple learning stylesWorking towards at least the State benchmarks for Kindergarten readiness in all subject areas.
    Attention to small and large motor development, developing and strengthening writing skills Language processing and contextual use (understanding and using spoken language to communicate ideas, information and feelings appropriately).
    Social Skills – small group interactions, problem-solvingMath, Science, Social Studies, Whole Language, Art, Music, Movement, Dramatic Arts, Literature.